Community Radio Response on Cyclone Mocha

Community Radio Response on Cyclone Mocha

Community Radio Response on Cyclone Mocha

“MOCHA”, a very severe cyclonic storm is hit on 14th May 2023 (9am-6pm) over the central and southeast Bay of Bengal especially in the Cox’s Bazar region. The 8 Community Radios which are located in coastal line areas were well prepared to face the Cyclone MOCHA. The most impacted areas were Teknaf, Ukhiya and Saintmartin of Cox’s Bazar District. Radio NAF 99.2 FM (located in very south part of Bangladesh) has faced the imminent threat of this very severe cyclonic storm MOCHA, which is make landfall within our coverage area.

These 8 Community Radios have been broadcasting emergency life-saving messages for preparedness and raising awareness which covers 4.2Million listeners. Community Radio has also been playing an important role by doing off -Air programs i.e. early warning community miking, courtyard meeting for mass awareness that created immense positive impact with zero casualty. BCRA has been coordinating with Bangladesh MD Office, Bangladesh Betar, local govt., administration and different development partners and supporting all of the Community Radios in Coastal line by sharing updated information. In order to ensure the safety of all of the CRs staff, listeners, and the community we have developed an action plan to effectively respond to this emergency situation. The 8 Community Radios are Radio Naf (Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar and coverage Teknaf, Ukhiya, Saintmartin), Radio Saikat (Cox’s Sadar), Radio Meghna (Char Fashion, Bhola), Radio Sagor Giri (Sitakunda, Chattogram), Radio Sagor Dwip (Hatiya, Noakhali), Radio Nalta (Kaliganj, Satkhira). Radio Lokobetar (Barguna), Radio Krishi (Barguna).

Situation Analysis:

All the 8 CRs stay informed about the latest updates on MOCHA through Bangladesh Betar (Dhaka, Cox’s Bazar and regional Broadcasting center), BMD, BCRA, local govt. & Upazila Administration, local authorities, and disaster management agencies especially with BDRCS to understand the potential impact of the storm. Community Radios and BCRA Management organized an emergency preparedness meeting and took some action to effectively response to pre – during – post cyclone response.

Radio Station infrastructure: None of the Community Radios damaged. Tower and infrastructure are good in position.

Localities situation: Around 2500 households destroyed in Cox’s Bazar District. Rest of the districts have experienced less.

Emergency Response Team:

Each of the 8 Radios established an emergency response team comprising key personnel from Radio, including management, journalists, Broadcaster, technical staff, and support personnel which will lead by the Station Manager and Bangladesh Community Radio Association (BCRA).
Leave of all staff in each 8 radio had been postponed, so all staff will be available to provide non-stop service
A representative of each radio was posted in different shelter center with mobile and internet connection to collect the update information and broadcast live e alert and staying all time in mobile net connection.


As per the instruction from Bangladesh Betar Cox’s Bazar and Dhaka, BCRA, CRs started the relay of Bangladesh Betar Dhaka 693 KHZ since 12th May 2023.
All the 8 CRs started standby for 24-hour broadcasting since 13th May 2023 when BMD declared the danger signal no 08 to inform the people about the direction of the cyclone and its intensification.
Maintain regular communication channels with the emergency response team of Upazila administration, Bangladesh Betar and BCRA.
Ensure the backup power supplies for ensuring the uninterrupted broadcasting pre-during and post cyclone period. Among 9 CRs Radio NAF 99.2 FM contributed taka 10K for emergency fuel purchases to Upailza Nirbahi office (UNO) Teknaf.

Early Warning System:

CRs already started broadcasting of early warning messages for the community including Rohingya communities of Cox’s Bazar.
Live Phone in program was broadcasted with the participation of Govt. Officials and representative, BDRCS and continued re-broadcast during the cyclone period.
CRs has been working closely with BMD, upazila administration, BDRCS and BCRA to disseminate timely and accurate weather warnings to the public.
CRs started the megaphone messaging and loudspeaker messaging through volunteers and with the CPP team
Volunteers working with the listeners club to ensure the community get the access of right messages in right time.

Broadcast Plan:

Each radios formed internal response team for airing radio program and off line response. The internal team worked shifting basis during the pre-during-post cyclone period.
Developed pre-recorded public service announcements (PSAs) with safety instructions, emergency contact numbers, and shelter information will continuously broadcast during the cyclone period.
Ensured backup power sources, including generators and batteries, to maintain uninterrupted broadcasting during power outages.

Social Media Update:


2. Statement from Teknaf UNO to Radio NAF 99.2 FM:

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5. Megaphone messaging: TH3vKrsaibBWCtE2bQnZdeHsKLfADnK4p41l/?mibextid=ZbWKwL

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10. (Preparedness live airing by Radio Sagor Giri, Chattogram)




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